Written by Emily Harstone January 11th, 2018

Filles Vertes Publishing: CLOSED

Updated August 2020-  Writers Beware Posted an Update about the situation with FVP. You can read it here. FVP ended up closing it’s doors as of the 27th of August. Do not Submit.

Updated February 2019 – They have not been responding to submissions in a timely manner.

Filles Vertes Publishing was founded in 2016. They now have a track record of over twenty published books. They have print and electronic versions of all their books. They accept submissions of middle grade readers, young adult books, adult fiction, and adult fiction in all genres, which is a broad spectrum to publish. They have previously published a historical thriller/mystery, a memoir about life at sea, and a mystery book set in the Pacific Northwest.

Because they are a new publisher, one should always proceed with caution. They have a large staff for such a small publisher, and I was glad to see that they did have someone exclusively focused on marketing. Although none of their staff are particularly experiences.

Filles Vertes also has a number of things going for them. They have a well designed website and excellent covers. The books that they have published so far appear to have sold well and to have generally positive reviews. They also have an active Facebook page and Twitter account. They participate in a number of Twitter-based pitch fests, and not just #PitMad (which you can learn more about here).

To query them they ask that you just send your query letter and the first chapter of your book. This is true for all categories except informative non-fiction, which has separate guidelines. To read their full submission guidelines, go here.


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