Written by Emily Harstone September 24th, 2014

Flashlight Press: Open To Book Submissions

Flashlight Press focuses on publishing illustrated children’s books. Their books are a lot of fun to read and very well illustrated. They receive a lot of good reviews and are pretty widely available, even outside on the United States. If you are considering submitting to them and are unfamiliar with their books, look for one to read at your local library.

Flashlight press has won a number awards for the books they publish, also many of the individual books have received awards. The Awards the press and individual books have won include: ABC Best of Books Catalog, Comstock Read Aloud Book Award, NY State Charlotte and many other. Flashlight Press has been publishing books since 2006 and all of their back catalog remains in print.

Flashlight Press only publishes 2-4 books a year. They do not require agents or previous publishing experience.  The editor tries to respond to queries as quickly as possible. The books they publish are targeted at 4-8 year olds. The book should be between 500-1,000 words in length. It should have a universal theme and deal with a family or social situation.

To submit to them you must first email a query letter to the editor, it must not have any attachments, all the information should be in the body of the email. If they want to see your full manuscript they will reply within a month.

If your manuscript is requested they will respond with an acceptance or rejection within 4 months of receiving your manuscript. Unless you are an artist they do not want to see any artwork with your submission. If you are an artist there is an additional set of guidelines to follow.

To learn more visit their website here.


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