Written by Emily Harstone November 5th, 2015

Ghost Pines Publishing: Submission Guidelines (Dark Fantasy)

UPDATE: They have gone out of business.

Ghost Pines Publishing is an independent press dedicated to dark fantasy fiction. They go to great length to define the term dark fantasy, but the main points appear to be that dark fantasy is sympathetic to the monsters themselves and it is set in a contemporary setting with fantasy elements. So think of series like The Dresden Files, rather than Harry Potter or Supernatural.

They are primarily interested in publishing series, but they are open to stand alone novels, short stories, and novellas. Ghost Pines only publishes 1-2 full length titles per year. They have been around since 2011 and since then have managed to place most of the books they have published on one Amazon bestseller list or another. They are primarily focused on digital publishing.

They were initially funded by a group of venture capitalists, which strikes me as odd, because that is rare in the publishing industry. I also am uncomfortable with the fact that their website does not focus on selling books.

However, they have been around for a while and appear to be legitimate. Watchdog sites do not have much information available on them.

Please query first before submitting. All submissions are made via email. They offer advances for most books and pay all manuscript authors royalties. Authors of short stories and novellas are paid a lump sum, that is equal to about 10 dollars per manuscript page. They are particularly interested in short stories that fall into a sub genre of dark fantasy, such as romance or young adult.

To learn more please visit their submission guidelines.


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