Written by Emily Harstone May 18th, 2023

Gryphon House: Now Accepting Book Proposals

Gryphon House is a nonfiction publisher that focuses on publishing resources that “address top current issues in early childhood and help teachers, administrators, teacher-educators, policymakers, caregivers, and parents enrich the lives of children from birth through age 8.” Anything outside of this scope is not a good fit for them, neither are books aimed directly at kids. Their audience is adults that work with and/or have kids. They are an imprint of Kaplan, which bills itself as the Early Learning Company.

They have a lot of international partners for distribution, but they do their own distribution within the States, which makes sense given that they are a niche publisher that isn’t ever likely to publish the kind of work that gets placed on display tables in Barnes & Noble. Instead they seem to really understand their audience, and how to reach them. You can learn more about the books they’ve recently published here.

When submitting a proposal make sure you make it clear that you have an understanding of the market, and the other books on similar topics that are out there, as well as first hand experiences with the topic. This can include leading workshops and webinars on the topic, or receiving a degree related to it.

When you submit a proposal to them, please include the flowing:

  • The purpose of the book

  • The intended audience

  • A working table of contents

  • Introductory material

  • 20-40 sample pages of the actual book

  • Your résumé

In addition, please describe why educators, policymakers, or parents will want to buy it; how it is different from other similar books already published; and what qualifications you possess that make you the appropriate person to write the book.

Your work need not be finished when you submit the proposal.

To learn more, please visit their website here.

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