Written by Emily Harstone

Hohm Press: Now Accepting Book Queries

A small print publisher based out of Arizona, Hohm has been around for many years. They are a respected press that has published a number of well known authors. They publish a wide variety of genres, including poetry, non-fiction, and children’s books. They generally focus on eastern religion and spirituality. They are not interested in fiction or short story collections.

Their website is very basic. It is not very easy to navigate and it is hard to find out information about the press itself on the website. I also noticed a couple of minor, confusing errors. The majority of sales they make are elsewhere on the web or in brick and mortar bookstores, so it makes sense that not that much effort is put into their website.

The covers of their books are largely well designed and appealing.

You must query first. They are not interested in unsolicited manuscripts, only queries. When you query them include a query letter and a small representative sample from the book. It should not be more than 20 pages in length.

It is important to note that while they publish children’s books they are about nursing and breastfeeding and they are aimed at children and parents, so this is not the best place to submit most children book manuscripts to.

To learn more visit their submission guidelines here. Before you submit your query, I highly recommend that you review their catalog.



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