Written by A Guest Author October 21st, 2021

How to Start a Writing Podcast

By Aliya Hall

Creating a podcast is one more tool authors can utilize to get their name out there, find an audience, and promote their work. Although there are many writing and fiction podcasts available already, you will still offer listeners a unique perspective — especially when you find your niche in the market.

Writing-related podcasts take on multiple forms, from giving writing advice and interviewing authors to sharing snippets of your work. There’s plenty of room for creativity, all you need to start with is a concept.

Finding your niche

The most important part of starting your podcast is determining what your subject matter is going to be about and identify who your audience is. What are you trying to achieve with your podcast? Are you trying to reach aspiring authors or network with other writers in the field? Once you have a clear picture of your goal and audience, then you can decide what format would work best to accomplish that mission, and if you’re going to record solo or with a cohost.

With so much of podcasting hinging on personality, it’s important for you to be authentic on you podcast. The information you’re sharing may be valuable, but the thing that will set apart your podcast and keep people tuning in is going to be you as the host.

How to create a podcast

There’s a variety of options out there to make starting a podcast fairly affordable. Audio equipment will always elevate your show, but if investing in a premier podcasting set-up is out of the budget, recording audio on a smart phone in an enclosed space is still a viable option. When it comes to editing the content, any editing software from Audacity to iMovie or GarageBand will give you the ability to trim down your podcast or add features like an intro and outro. After you have finished preparing the content, you will need to upload your file to a podcast hosting site. Each site is different, but usually there is a monthly fee for a set amount of upload capacity, and the site helps syndicate your podcast so it will appear on most podcast streaming services. Do some research and see what site works best for you.

Once you start posting, it’s important to remember that consistency is key. Setting a schedule and sticking to it helps you build a reliable fanbase and makes it easier for you to work it into your routine. In a Podcasting 101 Workshop I attended, Science Fiction Author James S. Aaron quoted that the average podcast only lasts around five episodes, which proves consistency with posting is crucial to ensure the longevity of your podcast and engagement.

Benefits to podcasting

By podcasting, you’re able to market yourself and your work across multiple platforms, and it gives you a chance to meet potential readers, share your expertise with the writing community, and learn a new skillset. Podcasting is a fun medium that gives you a new way to talk about the writing industry or any subject that you care about. Even if the podcast itself isn’t writing related, highlighting your work or mentioning your bio on a podcast helps you publicize and allows people to discover more of your work.

While there is money itself in podcasting, it’s not necessarily a get-quick-rich scheme. Depending on your hosting site, you may have the possibility of including affiliate links or you could lease out airtime in your podcast for advertisements. If money is a motivator for you, setting up a Patreon or a “buy me a coffee” page for your podcast is one method to bring in more funding.

Writing podcasts are multi-purpose. Beyond promoting your brand and your work, you are helping your listeners learn something new or think about a subject in a different way.

Bio: Aliya Bree Hall is a freelance journalist and writer based in Portland, Ore. She is currently editing her first novel, an adult F|F science fantasy. When she’s not writing, she’s hosting Sapphic Stories Bookclub (and Other Queer Tales) or cohosting the podcast Shit We Wrote.





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