Written by Emily Harstone August 17th, 2017

Inkspell Publishing: Accepting Now Accepting Submissions

Inskspell Publishing started out as an eBook and print on demand Romance publisher in 2011. They now seem to focus on publishing eBooks primarily. Their eBooks have excellent covers, much better than most small and some big romance publishers. A number of their books have good reviews on Amazon, although most have not sold that many copies (although many more than most self published books)

Their website is well organized and it is easy to find and buy the books they publish. The only issue I encountered on their website was that it was hard to find any information about the company itself. In fact most of what I learned was from the Absolute Write Water Cooler thread about Inkspell.

From that thread you will probably get the same impression as I, that writers have had very mixed experiences with them. However a lot of the information in the early portion of the thread is no longer valid – I don’t think they are publishing print anymore, and they have been around a few years.

They expect all books to be edited when submitted but they make it clear in the guidelines below that they will also offer editorial support. They say that they expect their authors to help with the marketing and outline some of the things they expect their authors to do in order to market their book, without ever spelling out what Inkspell will do to promote the book, which is a warning sign that you as the author will have to do the bulk of the work.

But otherwise they seem like they are doing a good job. They have been around a few years. They seem to have figured out a few things in this time.

To learn more or to submit read their full submission guidelines here.


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