Written by Caitlin Jans August 20th, 2020

Journal of The Plague Year: Now Seeking Submissions

Journal of the Plague Year was started in 2020, by Susan Zakin, a top environmental journalist, as a way of interacting with the altered situation. Many of the journalistic contributors to the website are well known.

Their tagline is “100 percent DIY by real reporters (plus poets, musicians, essayists, and the occasional fiction writer)”.

The focus of Journal of the Plague Year is the pandemic; all writing submitted to the journal should be directly related to the pandemic.

Journal of the Plague Year is well designed, easy to interact with, and the work it publishes is compelling. Not only are they open to news, they also do “letters” focusing on different regions and experiences. For the more news-related items they accept queries or complete works.

They also accept essays, memoir, and poems but they must be connected to the pandemic in some way.

Submit completed creative work through the pitch/query form.

They are not a paying market.

You can read their submission guidelines here.


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