Written by Emily Harstone December 11th, 2013

Jupiter Garden Press: Accepting Manuscript Excerpts

Update July 2016: Jupiter Gardens is out of buisness as of August 2016

Jupiter Garden Press was started in 2007 by Mary K. Wilson. It started out as a metaphysical press that also sold other items, such as crystals. A lot has changed since then. Their main publication, Jupiter Gardens Press, is mainly non-fiction focused on spirituality, pet care, and contemporary culture. They publish electronic and traditional print books.

However, many of their imprints publish work of fiction in varying genres. They have two erotica imprints alone, both are interested in all sub-genres and one (Jupiter Gardens Ignite) seems to favor same sex pairings.

They also have a Fantasy imprint (Jupiter Gardens Quest), a Romance imprint (Jupiter Garden Romance), a Young Adult imprint (Jupiter Gardens Teen), and a Science Fiction imprint (Jupiter Garden Xenon). All of these imprints pay their authors royalties. Authors receive 40% of the profit from e-book sales and 10% the profit from traditional book sales.

Jupiter Garden accepts manuscript submissions for any of these genres. They prefer books between 10,000-100,000 words in length. There are certain additional guidelines for erotica so if you write in that genre, make sure to look for the specific information needed.

Jupiter Garden accepts all submissions through their email address which is listed on their submission guidelines page. One of the great things about Jupiter Garden is that they respond to most submissions within two weeks. This is unusually fast for manuscript publishers.

Because of this quick response time, they prefer not to receive simultaneous submissions.  However, if you do submit simultaneously, make sure to tell them this in your cover letter. They expect a cover letter to be attached to all manuscript submissions.

In your cover letter detail your writing experience (they do welcome new authors, so this is not required), your manuscript’s intended imprint, and a brief synopsis. Then attach in a .doc or .rtf format the first three chapters of your novel. Because their response time is so quick, you should know within the month if they are interested in your book or not.

To learn more visit their website here.


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