Written by Emily Harstone

Just Opened for Publication: A-Minor Magazine

A-Minor Magazine has just re-opened to submissions this week. They are an online journal that has developed a good reputation. They publish poetry and fiction as well as art. A-Minor Magazine has been around for three years.

A-Minor Magazine publishes quarterly and is associated with A-Minor Press which publishes full length work. It is good to create a positive relationship with a journal that is part of a publishing house, because if they like publishing your short fiction or poetry now, they may seriously consider publishing longer work in the future.

When considering fiction they are partial to surrealist dreamscapes. Although realist fiction is welcome if it is quirky and dark. They also like fiction that is mixed genre or experimental. For poetry, they favor the lyrical work that is imaginative.

Prose should be between 1000 and 4000 words for short fiction and between 100 and 1000 words for flash fiction. You can submit up to three flash fiction pieces at a time. They expect to receive between 3-5 poems at a time, there are no specific word limits in terms of poem length. They are also open to people collaborating with artists or creating artwork themselves and submitting it at the same time.

If you submit to A-Minor Magazine expect a response within a week. This is a great response time, because instead of waiting to hear back from them for months you will know right away.

They accept less then 3% of the work that is submitted to them, so it is rare for work to be chosen. But that means that if your work is accepted it will be a considerable accomplishment.

Even though their website is just a very basic WordPress site, the art work they put up is impressive, and helps make the magazine feel more substantial than the average online literary journal.

In conclusion A-Minor Magazine is a great journal to be published by because they have a good reputation and a fast response time, so your curiosity won’t get the best of you.  You can visit their website and use their easy submission manager here: http://aminormagazine.com/



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