Written by Emily Harstone April 6th, 2023

Kind Words from Subscribers!

Below are a collection of quotes we gathered from our wonderful subscribers about their experience with Authors Publish over the past decade. We are very grateful for everyone who contributed kind words and for our community as a whole.
“Without question, Authors Publish is one of the most valuable services a writer can wish for, chock full of informative and insightful articles, essays, and publishing resources  on all aspects of writing, marketing, and publishing. Receiving their newsletters and announcements is always a highlight of my day. I’ve been able to have five of my pieces published (some with pay!) from links and descriptions of journals and magazines provided by Authors Publish. May they last forever!”
David Perez

“I began my writing career when I retired at age seventy. I held back all the stories and characters running around in my head since I was a kid because life got in the way. First, I had to serve my country. Then I had to find a job and raise a family. I worked at a job I hated for forty years to do that. There was no time for me and my wants until everyone was educated and out of the house.

Now, as they say, in the twilight of my years, I’m finally doing what I always wanted. Kick those freeloading characters and their stories out of my head and onto paper. Well, digital paper, anyway.

When I started to write, I had no idea what to do with my stories, so they just piled up in a file cabinet. Then I discovered Authors Publish. The articles helped tremendously, and the reviews and lists of places to send my work were a godsend. Your free book “Submit Publish Repeat” is something I never expected. Any accolades I could give it, and you all for publishing it would fall short of paying it sufficient tribute.

Here I am seven years later, and I’ve written over a hundred short stories and published twelve novels. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Congratulations on ten years of helping people like me. I will always be grateful to you for helping me fulfill my lifelong dream. Here’s to many, many more anniversaries.”

“I’m the editor of a newer lit mag, and my team loves looking at Authors Publish to see what is going on in the lit mag space. We were so honored when we were included in this article about new lit mags because it made us feel like we’d made it. We still have lots of things to figure out, and hopefully, many more years of publishing ahead, but being recognized early in our career was amazing. Thank you for everything you do!”
Stephanie Wood
Editor-in-Chief, Cosmic Double

“There is no possibility that I could have progressed in skill, discipline, diligence, confidence, motivation, and effort without the broad, well-sourced information provided by Caitlin and Jacob Jans at Authors Publish. Still, that’s only part of the picture. In addition to the nimble, well-presented outgoing opportunities they put into my inbox once or twice a week, they are equally responsive – and rapidly so – to almost any question, request, or dialogue (of a reasonable nature) one can raise with them. It is rare that 48-72 hours would pass before I would get a personal, informative, and to-the-point response from either Jacob or Caitlin on the matter at hand. Try that with Duotrope.”
Lance Mason


“I wanted to write and say Happy 10th Anniversary! I signed up to Authors Publish back in August 2013 and have been reading your weekly newsletters ever since. It helped me find publications that I eventually got published in, read great advice and start being a Volunteer Reader for a couple of magazines. I couldn’t have done any of that without the great newsletters Authors Publish sends. Thank you so much and here’s to the next 10 years!”
Jennifer Kennett

“As a published author of non-fiction, I ventured into writing fiction for the first time. I attended many workshops, joined writing critique groups and did most of the things that writers do to improve our skills. But one of the most valuable learning tools for me has been your excellent online lectures. The quality of the speakers is phenomenal, and always fresh. Just yesterday Emily Colin presented strategies for polishing your manuscript. I thought I’d polished enough, but went right to work and improved the important first page of my novel!

Thank you so much for making knowledge available to writers, and without charging fees. I never miss an opportunity to learn, when Authors Publish lands in my email!
Kathryn Hack


“I’ve been subscribed to Authors Publish for a couple years and it is hands down the BEST free writer’s newsletter that I’ve found yet. Free lectures and books open to everyone with some wonderful authors and paid intimate classes.

But the best part are the newsletters of weekly themed lists with great magazines, journals, and publishers . I’ve found so many new journals through your newsletter, as well as finding out about contests and openings in familiar ones.

Other newsletters I subscribe to are full of ads and sponsored posts, or contests and listings with high entry fees (basically the same as an ad).

I’ve published at least three pieces in magazines I found through the Authors Publish newsletter!'”
Joe Aultman-Moore


“I ran into Authors Publish at some point inside the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown – those times when our access to people and the world was through the computer and the phone. Since then, I have been a follower of Authors Publish.

I have found Authors Publish pretty helpful. Through it, I have read several views about writing, editing and literary submissions. Their rich compilations of submission links have been particularly useful as they have granted me access to see and understand the intricate world of publishing and they have also formed part of the nuggets that I share to my virtual writing group (made up of writers at aspiring and beginning levels as well as those at emerging and established levels).
Authors Publish is a focused and generous platform for anyone that has anything to do with creative writing. I have been quite fortunate to have found them and I am happy to remain a subscriber and follower of the platform.
So, this is to wish Authors Publish a well-deserved happy ten years anniversary. Sending best wishes, also, for many more multiples of ten.”
Ofuma Agali
Creative writer and Founder of Writers-in-Motion, Nigeria

“I have been an avid subscriber of “Authors Publish” for many years, and in my opinion, it just keeps getting better! More calls for writing, more free lectures, and outstanding presentations are offered for free! What a joy to open up submission calls and know that most of them are thoroughly vetted, (the ones that aren’t are usually new or re-forming) and there are usually also a few listings for other opportunities.

A free opportunity recently offered was to hear the EXCELLENT poet, Michael Kleber-Diggs, give a session entitled “The Art of Poetic Efficiency” which was my favorite lecture offered by AP thus far!

I have also submitted to several journals mentioned in AP. I picked up my writing again after being inspired to submit, and did so without expectation, however, as a result of my efforts, I have been published in two different Ekphrastic Journals, Three-Line Poetry, and Poetry Quarterly, among others. I can say unequivocally that without exposure to these journals via Authors Publish, I wouldn’t have submitted to them. I have two pending submissions right now, and OK! I just checked, and my Haiku was published in “The Ekphrastic Journal Challenge” today! It’s exciting to see that someone else somewhere out there appreciates my work enough to publish it. I’m grateful for all of the ways I’ve grown as both a reader and writer of poetry and prose, and I’m grateful to AP for their frequent, encouraging emails. AP makes what can seem like overwhelming odds feel just a little easier to manage. Write, submit, repeat! Just do it.”
Debbie Walker-Lass


“Authors Publish is an amazingly helpful resource to writers, both new and veteran writers alike. I have enjoyed reading many issues, and I would not have come across certain markets featured in several issues if it were not for this very unique and outstanding publication. I have also read two of the free ebooks available as a free download to readers, and they have been very informative and helpful to me both as a freelance writer and as a poet. I often include links to articles at Authors Publish in my own newsletter — the articles they publish are that helpful! Authors Publish is definitely a valuable newsletter I recommend to all writers and I hope it will stay in circulation for many more years.”
Dawn Colclasure


“Through the Authors’ Publish novel writing course, I’ve met writing buddies, polished my technique and developed my story-crafting skills. The side results were tangible: after I’d gone through and rewritten some existing short stories, I managed to publish an additional three in a short time frame. I now have an author website and new confidence in my writing abilities. Needless to say, I’m an avid reader of every AP newsletter!”
Anna Elin Kristiansen


“I don’t remember how or when I stumbled upon Authors Publish but what I do remember is how it made me get my first paid short story sale. I’d subscribed to the magazine as soon as I discovered it so I was always getting the newsletters. In fact, I was always anticipating the next issues because they were so helpful. It was obvious that the people in charge, had newer and marginalized authors like myself in mind. And could relate with how stressful it was to find quality information online.

I remember always reading the e-books that Emily Harstone published. I loved how detailed those eBooks were. There was one for the first twenty pages of a novel manuscript and another that had a massive list of publications. I read them both from cover to cover and I loved them.

I was also given a scholarship for the Novel Writing Workshop at Authors Publish which I recommend for anyone hoping to traditionally publish a novel. I’ve been writing my novel for a while now without prior knowledge of the publishing industry. But you really helped me see some things that I hadn’t thought about. Like how I should never compare a debut with novels written by seasoned authors like Neil Gaiman. And how I needed to read debut novels or similar works that were published in the last five years. I have started the novel all over and I’m really excited to dive into it. Although, several other things have gotten my attention, I haven’t forgotten your teachings.

I’m always very appreciative of people or resources that have helped me in my writing journey. Authors Publish is the best thing (writing wise) that I’ve subscribed to.

So thank you for the work you do. Happy anniversary! I hope to stick with you for the next ten years!”
Naomi Eselojor


“I first subscribed to Authors Publish back in 2014. I have found the emails and online lectures/classes priceless. Now that I’m trying to find a publisher without an agent the reviews on publishers is my go to resource.

Thank you for all that you do. The first time I tried to find an agent way back in 2004, it was going through a huge book at the library full of all the names of agents. I didn’t get an agent then. I’m not published yet.

The point being, I really appreciate all that Authors Publish does for the writing community.

Thank you!!!!”
Gretchen Porier


“AP has unraveled for me the  mystery of the world of writing and publishing publishing in a way that I have not found elsewhere. I have taken one course (which was interrupted when my mother died during the  pandemic) but still put me on track for writing more and starting to submit to journals. The instructors encouragement and feedback was so inspiring! I have now signed up for the memoirs course which is exactly what I need.

What I also admire is that while I do hope that you are making a good living at this game, you are also very generous with your time and accessibility – you do not charge blood-sucking fees for your inputs reviews and feedback. This is almost unheard if; thank you and bless you!”
Irene Sawchyn


“My name is Larry Linder, author of The Old Dirt Road, Hobo Junction, The Gunfighter and six more fiction novels. I didn’t start writing until I was sixty years old. Inspired by a dream, I began writing January 2017. Six months later I finished a book called A Warrior’s Tale. A sci-fi fantasy adventure. I was at a loss at what to do with my manuscript. So I started writing The Gunfighter. Then something wonderful happened, I discovered Authors Publish. From your newsletters I learned how to write a query letter and how to submit my manuscripts. At the completion of The Gunfighter I began submitting both manuscripts. I was blessed when a small Texas publisher wanted to publish The Gunfighter. I signed a contract for ten books. This publisher only published westerns, but I convinced him to publish all my books. I write in several genres, westerns, adventure family sagas, time travel and pirate adventures. I feel if not for the help I received from Author Publish I might have given up and never had any books published. Thank you so much for the help.

Thanks for all you do for writers. Keep up the great work.”

Larry Linder

“Authors Publish has been a fantastic resource for an emerging author. The emails of publishing opportunities allowed me to explore possible options. The free webinars have been informative. The paid classes have gone deeper into professional development on my journey toward publication.”
Monica GH

“Authors Publish is the milk before the cat — in other words opportunity and sustenance. As a teacher and author, I’m fully on the side of anyone who helps writers gain opportunities in an inclusive, accessible manner as you do. Authors Publish is a model for more open source knowledge sharing and I look forward to every issue. Thanks for 10 years of greatness and keyboards raised to a long and bright future.”
Christopher Willard


“Is it really ten years since Authors Publish began? You made it possible for a writer based in Australia to discover so many professional publishing opportunities in North America.  You opened the door for me to submit short stories and poetry to dozens of new markets. You even published (and paid for) a piece I wrote about literary estates. I can’t thank you enough for helping writers like me.  You’ve taken our needs seriously and made miracles possible.”
James Aitchison, writing also as James Lee, Mike Rader, and J. J. Munro.


“I have been subscribed to Authors Publish for a year and have taken many of their wonderful courses. I participated in the Writer’s Room for NaNoWriMo this past fall. The instructors and staff are so approachable and their one-on-one advice has been invaluable to me. I now have five short fictions accepted for publication and my novel is out to literary agent queries. I have learned so much and am thankful to be a part of this community. Not only am I a better writer thanks to them, I am a far more confident one.”
Erin Swann


“I think Authors Publish is one of the most important services for authors available. And it’s mostly free! Their curation of publishers has been very useful to me. Their advice books on writing and getting published are first-class. I’ve also participated in their classes and find them always stimulating. Thanks so much for Authors Publish and congratulations on ten years of great service to authors.”
Michael Baldwin, MLS, MPA
Author and Creativity Consultant


“Since starting my writing career in 2019, I have relied heavily on the plethora of information made available by Authors Publish magazine. Whether it is the broad and inclusive markets for short fiction, non-fiction, poetry and novels, the diverse workshops and lectures offered on the craft of writing, or the opportunities to network with publishers and other authors, your publication offers something of interest to all writers.

I truly believe that without Authors Publish to guide me, it would have taken longer for me to access the markets, and find the resources, suited to my needs. I am enjoying my career as a writer immensely. To date, I have had twenty-six stories of short fiction and one novel published, with a second novel currently undergoing the editing process with a publisher.

I would like to thank you and all the excellent staff who help make my life  {and that of other writers, I’m sure} so much easier.”
Gina Easton


“I have been tuned into Authors Publish for less than a year. Out of all the newsletters on writing that hit my inbox. I look forward to seeing Authors Publish email notifications a few times a week. I must admit that your newsletter has been the most beneficial to me. It provides me with various opportunities, things I would not have considered on my own, for example, volunteering as a reader. Each issue takes the guesswork out of submission opportunities and narrows the field for us emerging writers, who are not sure where to go and how to go about it. The lectures are phenomenal and enlightening, your guest speakers are knowledgeable, and they impart information with clarity and competence. Each lecture is a learning experience for which I am absolutely grateful.

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary, to you and your team. You have provided a valuable resource to me and I am sure to many others, who are seeking direction and assistance in navigating the writing world. Keep up the excellent work and I hope that Authors Publish continues to be a beacon for new writers.”


“I found Authors Publish by chance a few months ago, as I was searching for opportunities to submit my poetry and essays for publication. My previous writing and submission pattern had been fitful and erratic; I’d been easily discouraged by rejection, coming to doubt myself and whether it was even worth trying further.

Reading Submit, Publish, Repeat and having access to the excellent lists of free submission opportunities and other resources helped give me the courage to try again, and not to give up. I researched venues that fit better with the kinds of pieces that I write, and I took the advice to submit widely to multiple publications with different levels of selectiveness, rather than waiting for one or two high-profile venues to consider my work (and probably reject it).

I also took part in the Writers Room workshop in November, and although I wasn’t even aiming to work on a book project during that time, the energy and enthusiasm of other writers inspired me to give it a shot. During the workshop I got through most of a book I’d been thinking about for a long time but hesitating to start, and completed it in December. I also connected with an accountability partner who helped keep me motivated and whom I’ve remained in touch with since the course.

My poems have been accepted by several online journals and more submissions are pending. And a few weeks ago I submitted my book proposal to a small publisher. I’ve already heard that they are interested and seriously considering it. None of this would have happened without Authors Publish. I’m so grateful for the support and I wish everyone involved a very happy anniversary. Thank you for all you do to help writers boost their creativity, confidence, productivity, and community.”
Lory Widmer Hess


“I have been receiving Authors Publish newsletters and yearly vetted publishers list for a few years now, and I find them extremely useful and valuable. I’ve recommended Authors Publish to a lot of my writer friends, and I’m very grateful for all the work that goes into gathering this information for writers.”
Barbara Longley


“My friend introduced me to Authors Publish and I’m glad he did. Its given me both some good advice and some much needed inspiration.”
Anas Abusalih


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