Written by Ella Peary June 6th, 2019

Kissing Dynamite: Now Seeking Poetry Submissions

A compact journal of twelve poems exploding from a single theme, Kissing Dynamite blows the idea of the single-story narrative apart. They publish a new online edition each month, and they select one poet from the issue to feature with front-page publicity and in-depth commentary. They publish both emerging and establishing authors, and they aim to promote underrepresented voices. To get a sense of their style, you can read Kissing Dynamite online.

Kissing Dynamite accepts submissions from the 5th through the 15th of each month. They respond to all submissions by the last day of the month in which they’re received.

The editors at Kissing Dynamite aim to find an organic theme among submissions. For that reason, they sometimes decline high-quality submissions that can’t be woven with other submissions that month. Right now, they accept about 13% of the submissions they receive.

Poets may submit one poem of any length. Kissing Dynamite accepts all forms and styles, including visual poetry. They appreciate easy-to-read fonts and brief cover letters. They encourage authors from underrepresented backgrounds to note the demographic with which they identify.

Apart from general submissions, which are unpaid, they are currently reading for a special submission call — ‘Lift Every Voice — An Anthology of Poetry’ to honor the vision of the Black National Anthem and as a homage to disenfranchised writers whose stories are so often marginalized. They are reading for this call until 30th June poets whose work is selected will be paid $10 and a copy of the anthology. For details, please read the guidelines here.

Kissing Dynamite accepts submissions via email and by post. They accept simultaneous submissions but ask that authors immediately withdraw work published elsewhere. They don’t accept previously published work; however, they accept work withdrawn from publication and work previously published in defunct journals.

Kissing Dynamite nominates authors published in the journal for major awards. They also promote authors on social media.

Authors may submit to Kissing Dynamite once per month. Authors published in the journal should wait a month before submitting again.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Kissing Dynamite, please visit their website here.

Bio: Ella Peary is the pen name for an author, editor, creative writing mentor, and submission consultant who works for Authors Publish. Over the past five years she’s written hundreds of articles for Authors Publish, and she’s also served as a copy writer and copy editor for a wide range of organizations and individuals. You can contact her at ellapeary@gmail.com.


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