Written by Emily Harstone July 28th, 2016

Kraken Press: Now Accepting Manuscripts

Kraken Press is a small press that publishes novels, novellas and short fiction collections in the genres of dark fantasy, horror, and weird fiction. They want to publish fresh work that avoids tropes.

They are based out of Sweden but open to submissions from authors around the world. They accept all submissions through Submittable.

Kraken Press has a visually appealing website but it is a little difficult to navigate (for example it is hard to get from one of the subsections to the catalog). The covers of the books are generally excellent, professional, and intriguing.

They only publish a few books a year. In fact the one warning sign I saw was the fact that the last time they published a book was in 2015, although one is listed as forthcoming on the blog.

Also, if they were closing to publication or going on a hiatus, one would assume that they would close down their Submittable page (particularly because Submittable charges editiors).

The books they publish always have print and eBook editions. All of the books appear to be available for free to Kindle unlimited subscribers.

Follow their submission guidelines carefully as submissions that do not follow their guidelines will be discarded.

Manuscripts must be no longer than 120,00 words. They list their current response time as 30 days.

You can browse their catalog here. You can visit their submission page here.


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