Written by Emily Harstone October 24th, 2013

Lantern: Open To Submissions

Lantern is an online arts journal that really takes advantage of being an electronic publication. They publish beautiful art work, they are easy to navigate, esthetically pleasing, and they take advantage of the freedom of space, by publishing a wide variety of work including videos.

Lantern publishes a great deal of visual art as well as articles, poems, and short stories. Their submission deadline for the next issue is November 21st. After that they will close to readings until the next issue.

Lantern publishes approximately 8% of the work submitted to them. So it is not easy to be published by Lantern, but the odds are not entirely stacked against you. They respond to most submissions within a month and a half, so you learn quickly if your piece has been accepted or not.

They are open to experimental work.  If you have a collaborative or avant-garde piece, you should consider submitting it to Lantern.  They publish poems of varying lengths and do not shy away from longer works. They also favor works with unusual line breaks.

Lantern is opposed to re-printing work. So they will not consider work that previously appeared elsewhere, even if it was only on your personal blog. When you submit to them make sure to include a small bio and contact information.

It is easy to submit to Lantern as they use Submittable, the ever-present submissions management system. Once you have a Submittable account you can easily submit to thousands of literary journals without ever having to re-enter your personal information.

In conclusion Lantern is a beautiful literary arts journal that is open to a diversity of work, and welcomes the unusual and the unexpected. If your work is chosen for publication in Lantern it will be presented beautifully. To learn more about Lantern click here: lanternjournal.org


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