Written by Emily Harstone July 5th, 2017

LEE & LOW BOOKS: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

LEE & LOW BOOK’s motto is “About Everyone. For Everyone”. They focus on publishing multicultural children’s books. They are the largest multicultural book publisher in the United States. The books they publish largely have an educational element and they offer books for readers starting at the age of 4 and going all the way up to age 18. They are an independent publisher that has published hundreds of books and been around for twenty five years. In 2014 they were named “Indie Publisher of the Year“.

LEE & LOW have clear perimeters in terms of what they are looking. As they state on their site:

Our story began with a simple mission: to publish contemporary diverse stories that all children could enjoy. We decided to steer clear of folktales since they tended to be about people who lived a long time ago. In contrast, we wanted our books to emphasize the richness of today’s cultures. We also avoided talking animal stories since there was nothing new we could bring to this genre. And we pledged to make a special effort to work with unpublished authors and illustrators of color.

In their submission guidelines they also talk in more specific terms about what they are looking for.

Our goal is to meet the need for books that address children of color by providing books that all children can enjoy and which promote a greater understanding of one another. We publish multicultural literature that is relevant to young readers.

Our focus is on fiction and nonfiction featuring children/people of color, for readers ages 5 to 12. Of special interest are realistic fiction, historical fiction, and nonfiction with a distinct voice or unique approach. We do not publish folklore and animal stories.

LEE & LOW BOOKS is dedicated to publishing culturally authentic literature. We make a special effort to work with writers and artists of color and to encourage new voices. We consider unsolicited manuscripts and art samples from writers and artists at all levels of experience.

They only accept submissions by email. To learn more visit their submission guidelines here.


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