Written by Jacob Jans April 24th, 2013

Letter from the Editor

If you want to get published, we’re here to help. Our mission is to guide writers through the process of publication, and to make it as easy as possible for your words to reach the right audience. That’s why we send you reviews of literary journals, and guides to various aspects of the process.

This issue we feature two literary journals — both are online journals, though one occasionally produces a print anthology of work they’ve previously published.

Many people have the notion that online journals are less prestigious, but that attitude has been changing over the past couple of years. But there are pros and cons to each type of publication, so be sure to read our guide to the differences between publishing online and in print.

Very soon we are releasing a guide to self publishing on the Kindle. You might be surprised, but publishing on the Kindle can be a route to enormous mainstream success. Some of the most profitable books of the last several years started out as books self published on the kindle — and now they have been turned into movies, and the authors are incredibly wealthy.

Of course, money isn’t everything when it come to publishing. Some of the best writing will make very little money, but will still have a profound impact on the audience of readers that it reaches. Whether you want to make money, or to reach people, our mission is to help you succeed as a published author.

We appreciate your support and your readership. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please send us an email: support@authorspublish.com.


Jacob Jans


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