Written by Caitlin Jans

Letter from the Editor

Dear Subscribers,

Today I am sending the 400th issue of Authors Publish Magazine.

I first started Authors Publish eight years ago. Our first issue went out to 12 subscribers. This issue will be received by over 160,000 people.

When I first started submitting to literary journals over a decade ago, a lot of the websites that helped new submitters did not have paywalls. Over the next few years that information started to become inaccessible.

The main reason I started Authors Publish was to make information about submitting to literary journals more accessible again.

When individuals talk about diversity in publishing, accessibility has to be stressed. Using the word diversity and then attaching a fee to that information is not helpful. My goal, then and now, was for there to be a more diverse literary landscape.

In the past eight years Authors Publish has expanded beyond its initial focus on literary journals to include reviewing presses that are open to direct submissions, and explaining the submission process as a whole.

We’ve published dozens of eBooks and offered them for free. A number of the eBooks we’ve published have now been taught in classes around North America (Submit, Publish, Repeat particularly), and our information is often taught in workshops, and other writers’ groups.

We were able to support all of this through ads for a long time. In the past two years, we’ve been able to reduce the number of ads we run by offering courses through The Writer’s Workshop at Authors Publish.

The courses have a price associated with them because they help support our continued existence, as well as employing some wonderful and talented authors. The focus on feedback really sets the courses we offer apart from many others. Most of our courses sell out within hours of being available to the general public, and many of our students are recurring.

In the last year we’ve started The Authors Publish Fund for Literary Journals, which helps support literary journals. The announcement of the fifth recipient of the fund is part of this issue.

We’ve also started the Writer’s Workshop Lecture Series. You can sign up to be notified about future lectures and watch the first lecture from New York Times Bestselling author Emily Colin here.

All of this was made possible by the wonderful editors and contributors who produce the content for Authors Publish. A special thanks goes to our regular contributors, especially Ella Peary, S. Kalekar, and Emily Hartsone.

As we continue to grow and change we are always happy to hear feedback, critiques, and success stories from our subscribers. Many of the changes we’ve made over the years have happened because of subscriber feedback. We are grateful for your support.


Caitlin Jans

P.S. We are doing things a little differently this issue, but will return to our regularly scheduled program next week.



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