Written by Jacob Jans April 5th, 2013

Letter From The Editor

Welcome to the first issue of Authors Publish Magazine. We’re a small magazine, but with big ambitions.

Our primary ambition is to help you, our readers, get published. That’s why we send you reviews of publications accepting submissions, and articles that help you build your career.

We also provide you with a little bit of inspiration, with our writing prompts.

In our first issue, we have two reviews of publications for you. The Rusty Nail is an online journal that is friendly to new authors. So, if you’re new to the publishing world, they are a good place to start. Stone Highway is both a print and online journal, with a good reputation. Both are well worth considering submitting your work to, so be sure to read our reviews to know what to expect.

If you have a novel you’d like to publish, one of the best ways to get a book deal is to have an agent. That’s why we’ve included a guide to submitting a query letter to potential agents. If you’re ready to start submitting your novel, this is a must read.

We have big plans for our journal. We’re working on several new columns, including one that features a “day in the life” of famous authors. And of course, in our next issue, you can look forward to more publications to submit to.


Jacob Jans
Authors Publish


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