Written by Emily Harstone May 5th, 2022

Lion Hudson: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Updated May 9th, 2023: Their website has been down for at least a month. I’m not sure if they are defunct or not, but even if their website was to work again I’d approach with caution.

Lion Hudson is an imprint of SPCK Group, which bills itself as “More than a publisher. More than a charity.’” SPCK is the largest Christian publisher in the UK. They describe themselves as being passionate about turning the tide of secularization.

Lion Hudson describes itself as “publish(ing) books and other media for children and adults to help you grow in your Christian faith. We want to see literature that challenges, encourages, and leads people to God, whatever their background. Our titles span accessible books that reflect a Christian worldview suitable for a general audience, resources for Christian families, individuals, and communities, to academic works for theological study.”

They appear to have good distribution within the UK and they also have good cover design. They have published many established authors.

They have six imprints, which you can learn about here. Each of the imprints has a different focus. Note that they state Lion Fiction is new titles in 2021. It’s not clear if that remains true in 2022.

The titles they are currently acquiring will not be published for two years, which is not unusual with larger publishing houses.

They receive around 400 submissions a year. They publish many fewer titles than that, and many of the titles they publish are acquired through commissioning authors (where they approach authors, not the other way around).

To learn more or to submit, go here.

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