Written by Emily Harstone May 18th, 2023

Literary Journal Fund Closing

In September 2020, we started a new fund for literary journals, and sent out 150 USD per month to a different literary journal. We selected the recipient of the fund using a random number generator and we really liked being able to support literary journals in this way. Unfortunately we are now closing this fund, not because we don’t want to continue supporting literary journals (we very much do!), or that we don’t have the money (that’s also not an issue), but because the logistics of giving the money away was too time-consuming and difficult. Often literary journals would not respond to our emails offering them the fund, and also over the last six months we had a lot of journals close as soon as they received the fund.
If you are the editor of a literary journal and 150 USD would help you, please feel encouraged to reach out to us at support@authorspublish.com. Because we are closing the official fund for good, we went through all the remaining eligible journals that asked for funding, and sent them email. Only two responded.

The last round of journals officially receiving funding are:

Alternative Milk Magazine is a bi-annual independent literary and art magazine. Community is the heart and soul of this endeavor. Alt Milk is community funded, we don’t charge submission fees, and the magazine is free to read. Alt Milk strives to uplift the voices of people with marginalized identities and increase accessibility for its readers and contributors. You can read Issue No. 1 here: http://www.altmilkmag.com

Frontier Magazine is an independent magazine founded in 2022 and dedicated to the art of writing. Not fixed to covering specific topics, Frontier publishes a wide array of articles, essays, reviews, interviews, creative writing, and visual art with the written work being of the longer form in order to achieve more in-depth analyses, opinions, and curated projects than shorter pieces.

The magazine was initially created through a combination of students and locally based writers’ groups with the aim of constructing a politicised and philosophical community of creatives and critical thinkers. Though publishing many political pieces, the magazine does not offer a specific political agenda other than that of both free speech and debate. The purpose of this is to promote researched opinions and responses through an active writer-reader relationship.

As well as this, Frontier’s dedication to publishing creative works (it includes poetry, prose, and visual art in all of its publications) parallels its message that creativity is just as important to both debate and culture as academic work.

The publication, though having no fixed printing schedule, publishes on a rough quarterly basis offering both print and electronic versions from its website www.frontiermagazine.org. It relies on its contributors, regular and new, and its stance as a community-driven project to bring together different voices whether amateur creators or well-established within the community. It has published works from poet laureates, playwrights, a Summerset Maugham Prize winner, and has ties with universities and academics in both the UK and USA.

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