Written by Emily Harstone March 14th, 2019

Literary Wanderlust: Accepting Submissions

Updated July 2022

Literary Wanderlust is a Denver based independent publisher. They were founded in 2014 and they publish print and digital books.

They currently are only open to publishing the following genres:

Adult Romance (all sub-genres and heat levels)

  •         Adult Paranormal and Urban Fantasy
  •         Adult Crime, Mystery, and Thriller Fiction
  •         Adult LGBTQ
  •         YA Science Fiction and Fantasy

You can get a feel for what they publish here. They do not publish books aimed at children.

They pay higher royalties than the big 5 publishers, according to their website, but they do not specify how much. They expect authors to help promote their book, and they speak of publicizing work as a partnership. They do however have a publicist listed on staff, and that is a good sign. You can learn more about their staff as a whole here.

Most of the books have well designed and appealing covers. The website is focused on selling books to readers rather than recruiting new writers, which is a good sign.

I was not able to find who their distributor is.

Submissions must be made through their electronic submission manager. You can learn more about their submission process here.

Do not submit books that have been previously self-published.


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