Written by Emily Harstone June 30th, 2022

Luna Press Publishing: Accepting Submissions

Occasionally we’ll feature a press that isn’t open, but will be soon, for a very limited reading period. This is the case with Luna Press Publishing. They generally have three limited reading periods a year but for 2023 they’ve only announced one so far. It will open on the 16th of June and close on the 18th, and will only be open to stand alone novels or a collection of short stories, they have different guidelines for each genre. Work must be part of the science fiction genre, or part of a sub-genre of science fiction.

Luna Press Publishing is a small Scottish press established in 2015, and you can learn more about their founding here. They were founded by an author who did not appear to have past experience running a publishing house, but they’ve made it this far. It is not clear who their distributor is, or if they have one. You can get a good feel for what they’ve previously published by visiting their shop here.

They also do not disclose royalty rates.

They will open to submissions at 12:00AM UK time on the 16th, and close at 11:59 PM UK time on the 18th of June 2022. Please be mindful of the timezone when planning your submission.

​You must submit during those times.

They ask that all submissions be made via email. In the body of the email they ask that you include  a brief author bio, title, elevator pitch, and word count (50,000 words and up). In the email itself attach a word document containing the first three chapters, and another word document containing a full synopsis of the book – including the ending.

To learn more about what they are looking for, read their detailed submission guidelines here. They will only consider submissions that follow all of their guidelines.

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