Written by Emily Harstone November 8th, 2018

March 4th Inc.: Now Accepting Book Submissions

Updated March 22cd 2019 – Their website is no longer functioning and there is no new information on SourceBooks website about how to submit to them.

March 4th Inc. is the re-branded name of Little Pickle Press. Little Pickle Press was bought by SourceBooks in 2017. However they now have three imprints, one is called Little Pickle Stories, the other two are named Big Dill Stories and Relish Stories. They have good distribution. The covers are generally excellent.

Little Pickle Stories are books aimed at 0-10 year olds. Big Dill Stories are aimed at 11-14 year olds. Relish Stories is aimed at readers 15 and up.

All of the manuscripts that they publish focus on conveying meaningful messages aimed at children or youth. They hope that the books they publish instigate conversations between parents and children, and teachers and students.

Currently they are most interested in middle grade readers and young adult manuscript submissions.

They have a lengthy list of subject matters and themes that they are most interested in. The list includes refugees, adoption, anti-princess themes, creativity, and systems thinking.

They allow for simultaneous submissions but they ask that simultaneous submitters make sure to answer the question “Why I am a good fit?”.

All submissions must be made through the submission manager authors.me. They are easy to use.

To learn more, go to their submission guidelines here. Their submission guidelines are particularly lengthy and detailed, so please review them carefully before submitting.


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