Written by Emily Harstone October 19th, 2017

Maverick Children’s Books: Accepting Manuscripts

Maverick Children’s Books is a UK based publisher of children’s books. Their books generally have wonderful covers and illustrations, and are quirky. They publish a variety of books for children but only appear to be open to submissions in the picture book category. You can learn more about the team behind Maverick here.

I do not know how good their distribution is, in the UK or outside of it.

They are open to unsolicited submissions and have a video of tips for submitting to them that they strongly suggest that you watch.

Books submitted to them can be no more than 650 words in length, and can be considerably less. No minimum count is mentioned. The manuscript must be submitted through email as a PDF, RTF or a Word document.

They want submissions that are not illustrated. In the subject heading of your email include your name and the name of the book. Multiple submissions are allowed (which is surprisingly rare). They just ask that you put it all in the same email. Also make sure to include a cover letter and your name in the email.

They have a six-month turnaround time, and encourage you to fill out an inquiry form after six months have passed.

To learn more about submitting them, visit their website here.


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