Written by Emily Harstone

Memoirabilia: Now Accepting Submissions

Memoirabilia is a new journal for writers who are interested in or have already written their memoirs. Both print and an e-version of the magazine are available for purchase from its website. Each issue contains tips and suggestions on how to get started and stay motivated. These short informative articles, written by established memoir writers, are specifically tailored to the needs of memoirists.

One key contribution of Memoirabilia is in creating an outlet for memoirists to showcase their work on an on-going basis. Being published in this magazine can get authors, particularly those who are new to the publishing industry, some exposure and help their efforts to build their platform.

This is achieved in several ways. The journal reviews published memoirs, and thus creates an opportunity for authors to promote their work to other writers and, potentially, to those who love reading memoirs. The magazine features interviews with authors, which is another great way to connect with potential readers. Memoirabilia contains a number of life stories from both published and unpublished memoir writers. A new feature of the magazine is WriterSpeak, where writers have an opportunity to share their experiences of any and all aspects of writing life.

There is no set deadline and submissions for all issues are welcomed at any time. Launched at the beginning of 2015, Memoirabilia is currently open for submissions to its fourth (June/July) issue. They seek 750-word ‘Life Tales’ – in other words a mini-memoir or life story vignette. Poems which tell a story without necessarily rhyming (‘Memoir Poems’) are especially welcome for this issue. 750-word book excerpts are also accepted and can be a great way to interest readers in your memoir. The magazine also features 500-word editorials on all aspects of the writing life. From my personal experience, the response rate is fast.

To learn more please visit their website.

Dr Gulara Vincent is a writer of memoir and short stories, blogger, as well as a university law lecturer. Gulara lives in Birmingham, England, with her husband and two young children. You can visit her writer’s blog at http://gularavincent.com/blog.



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