Written by Emily Harstone May 18th, 2015

Monthly Feature: Publication Announcements from Our Readers

In this article we are proud  to feature three writers who found publishers for their manuscript through reviews in Authors Publish Magazine.
Has your work been published by a literary journal or a manuscript publisher after reading a review published by Authors Publish? Please email us at support@authorspublish.com. Make sure to include a link to your book or to the literary journal your work has appeared in.
Deanne Parker just published her first novel A Test of Wills, with Beachwalk Press after learning about them through Authors Publish. Her novel combines her love of the Science Fiction and Romance genres. A Test of Wills is about a female computer genius who buys an android she is attracted to. You can buy A Test of Wills here.
Wren Handman had her novel Command The Tides published by Omnific Publishing after reading about them in Authors Publish. Command The Tides is a fantasy romance novel. It starts when Taya’s fiance shows up at her door, bleeding and fleeing assassins, and she is drawn into a complicated mess of politics, rebellion, and broken hearts. Dive into the Chronicles of Midvalen, a world of kings and kingdoms, princes and pretenders, and true love. You can buy a copy on Amazon here.

Montgomery Thompson is currently publishing his novel The Shielding of Mortimer Townes through the episodic publisher Big World Network. He discovered Big World Network through our review. The Shielding of Mortimer Townes is a comedic science fiction story about a ten year old girl trying to save the world from alien invasion. You can follow the story here.


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