Written by Emily Harstone June 19th, 2013

Moon Magazine: A New Journal

Moon Magazine is a new online journal. Every month the work they publish is based around a theme. June’s theme was Animal Intelligence.  If you are an author who is new to writing or new to publishing, journals that are just starting out are a good place to submit.

In the industry new journals are called fledgling journals and they tend to be more open to the work of less established articles. You take a chance on them, and they take a chance on you.

Moon Magazine publishes 12 issues a year and the first issue was published in November 2012, so they are now a little over six months old.

Moon Magazine is focused on themes and they publish a wide variety of work related to that theme. For June’s them of “Animal Intelligence” they published two interviews with renowned animal doctors as well as short stories, a rat video, and poems.

Upcoming themes include: “The Future of Food,” “In DIVERSITY There is Strength,” “Death: The Final Frontier,” “The Call of the Wild,” “Spiritual Politics,” “Making Peace with the Enemy,” “Right Livelihood,” “GRRRL Rising,” and “Focus on Fiction.”

They are accepting submissions related to any of these themes but they also welcome queries.

To submit to Moon Magazine one just has to email the editor, as they don’t have a submission manager. Their submission page is a little hard to find on their site so I have included a direct link here: http://moonmagazine.org/submission-guideline/

The work they publish tends to be closely linked to the theme, not just tangentially related. They also seem to gravitate towards more personal poems which is a little out of favor in the literary community at large right now.

In conclusion Moon Magazine is a good journal to submit to because they are new. They are also good to submit to because they care about good writing and their monthly theme. You can visit Moon Magazines website at: http://moonmagazine.org/2013/03/



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