Written by Emily Harstone February 12th, 2015

Naugutuck River Review: Now Accepting Poetry Submissions

Naugatuck  River Review (NRR) is a print and electronic literary journal that is focused on publishing narrative poems. A narrative poem is any poem that tells a story.  Now NRR is particularly interested in publishing poems with a compressed narrative, so a poem that tells a story in as little space as possible.

The stories can be personal, they can be fictional, they can be historical. They can cover minor events or major ones. They just have to be contained within a poem and still be a poem.  They should be lyrical and have an emotional core.

Poems should be no longer than 50 lines in length. Prose poems are fine. Poems with really long lines can be difficult to format into the book. They are currently reading for their summer issue. They close to submissions on March 1st.

NNR accepts a little over 10% of the work that they receive from submitters. They try to respond to most submissions within five months, so their response times are slow.

They have published three of the contest winning poems on their website. So if you want to get a good feel for the poems that they like and are looking for you can read those poems here.

All submissions should be made via email. To learn more about the journal and their submission process, visit their website here: http://naugatuckriverreview.com/submissions/





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