Written by Emily Harstone September 26th, 2019

New Harbinger: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

New Harbinger is an established publisher of self-help books that focus on psychology, health, and personal growth. The books they publish are grounded in science, research, and clinical practice.

They publish self help books, psychology workbooks, professional books, memoirs, and gift books, all focused on mental health. Many but not all of their books are based on the cognitive behavioral approach.

Their books are trusted by professionals and often recommended by therapists. They act as their own distributor but their books are widely available in big box bookstores. They have a focused marketing department.

They are very upfront about the numbers of books they plan on selling. On their website they say “the average New Harbinger book sells 7,000 plus copies the first year and then reaches steady sales of 4,000 to 10,000 copies in succeeding years. Books we published six years ago have now sold 60,000 copies, and they will continue to sell at steady rates for years to come.”

They don’t focus on just selling books in the States. They attend major events in other countries and make connections that way. Their submissions page is very much geared towards attracting a certain kind of professional author. They very much pitch it is as New Harbinger versus The Big 5.

They have very specific submissions guidelines so make sure to follow them closely. They accept electronic and postal submissions.

To learn more please visit their website here.


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