Written by Emily Harstone

Nightscape Press: Accepting Submissions

Update January 17th, 2022: They haven’t published a book since 2020, even though they updated their site multiple times. They are no longer open to submissions and I would consider them defunct.

Nightscape Press publishes horror, weird fiction, science fiction, and fantasy novels of at least 60,000 words and YA novels within the same genres of 40,000 words under the imprint Past Curfew Press. Nightscape Press was founded in 2012 but it was only active through 2014. They only recently re-launched this April.  They are open to submissions for the month of September.

The fact that they had this period of “downtime” is not a good sign. So I would approach this press with caution. However during the time they were active, they published a number of successful and award- winning books. The anthologies they published included contributions by the most famous authors in their fields including George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Kevin J. Anderson.

Since re-launching they have published two books, one a collection of short stories and the other, a novelette where part of the profit goes to the author’s charity of choice. The covers this time around seem better, more polished and well executed. The paperback edition of the short story collection seemed unusually expensive.

The submission period in September will be for their charity novel line. That means the published novel will consist of both trade paperback and Kindle eBook editions earning quarterly royalties at 40%/40%/20% split between the author, their chosen charity, and the press.

To learn more about Nightscape Press or to submit, go here.

Bio: Emily Harstone is the pen name of an author whose work has been published internationally by a number of respected journals. She is a professional submissions adviser and spends much of her time researching manuscript publishers. You can follow her on Facebook here.



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