Written by Emily Harstone December 7th, 2017

NineStar Press: Accepting Manuscript Submissions

NineStar Press is an LGBTQA+ ePublisher based out of New Mexico that was founded in 2015. They primarily publish romance and erotica but are also interested in literary works about characters that are generally under-represented in fiction, for example ace, aro, trans*, nonbinary, genderfluid, bi, pan, etc. They are also interested in genre-bending and fusion genres.

For a small press I really appreciate how much is spelled out on their ‘about us’ page. They have bios and links not only to the editors but to the cover artist and copy editor. They have a rather large staff for such a small press.

They accept previously self published and previously traditionally published works as long as the author holds all the rights.

Also it is good to note that in the Absolute Write thread about them, they apparently have many re-occurring authors which is a good sign, and they seem to take editing very seriously.

Their website is well organized and their covers are generally good. They seem to have some clear ideas about marketing as well.

They are currently seeking submissions of LGBTQA+ romance fiction, literary novels, and erotica shorts. They have separate guidelines for romance, literary, and erotica genres so please review those carefully.

All submissions must be made through email and it is important to follow their specific guidelines. Their full submission guidelines are available here.

All submissions must have an LGBTQA+ main character and be compete manuscript. Submissions that do not follow that rule will be deleted and not responded to. All other submissions will be responded to within 12 weeks.

To get a better feel for the press, visit their home page here.


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