Written by Emily Harstone January 8th, 2015

One Throne: Now Accepting Submissions

One Throne is an electronic journal based out of Canada. They put out four issues every year. They publish narrative non-fiction, flash fiction, fiction, and poetry. They are open to genre work including science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, and mystery.

They respond to most submissions in less than a week, but do not query unless 90 days has passed. They accept very little of the work submitted to them for consideration.

Each issue is posted online in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate way. It is worth reading a few pieces on the site to get a better feeling for what they publish. From what I read the poems they publish lean towards the  philosophical. The fiction is mostly pretty straightforward narrative.

The fiction and non-fiction they publish can be up to 7500 words in length. Flash fiction must be less than 1000. As for poetry they will consider up to three pieces at a time. If your work is rejected, please wait seven days before submitting again.

All submissions must be made through Submittable. They do not consider previously published pieces, and they consider any piece that has appeared online (including a personal blog) to be be previously published. They do allow simultaneous submissions.

They do not pay their writers, however they have an option to add a donation button under the piece that you have published with them. That way anyone who wants to can donate to you, directly through Paypal. It is an unusual idea and I have not seen it done by other journals. I have no idea if any of the writers actually receive money via this method.

If your work is accepted by them, they receive exclusive publication rights for three months.

To learn more to submit, visit their website at: http://www.onethrone.com/


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