Written by Emily Harstone

Our Eleven Most Popular Articles of 2015

Of the many articles we published on writing and publishing this year, the following eleven were our most popular in the magazine and on Facebook. They also had the most positive feedback in terms of emails and comments. It is interesting to see the range of ideas these articles cover within the realm of writing.

The articles are in no particular order. Click on a title to read the whole article, or skim the synopsis first to get a feeling for the article.

14 Myths About Writers

Emily Harstone explores the many false assumptions, cliches, and myths that surround writers.

The Top 20 Publishers for New Authors

A great list containing 20 great publishers who are open to work from authors who do not have a record of publication.

What Not To Do: Authors Advice From The Trenches

M.J. Moores offers great practical advice to others, so they can learn from her mistakes without experiencing them first hand.

How To Tell If Your Writing Is Any Good

Am I any good? All writers ask themselves this question. Emily Harstone examines the issue in this thoughtful article.

6 Cover Letter Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Chance of Publication

Krishan Coupland, the editor of a literary journal and chapbook press, talks about the common mistakes authors make when submitting their work.

How To Develop A Good Writing Habit

A good writing habit can change your life. Emily Harstone talks about how to make writing a habit.

Top Twelve Mistakes Of Amateur Writers

Chaitali Gawade examines the 12 major mistakes new authors are likely to make.

How to Follow Your Dream to Be a Writer When You Have Kids and Responsibilities

Chantelle Atkins gives wonderful, practical advice for balancing your life, even if you are not a writer and a parent.

Five Major Book Publishers Always Open To Submissions

A list of five established publishers that accept unagented submissions year round.

Stupid Things Authors Believe (Part 1)(Part 2)

Kurt Bubna’s popular series offers great myth busting advice to authors.

How to Fail Miserably at Self Publishing

Eric Vance Walton writes about how copywriting helped him become a successful indie author.





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