Written by Emily Harstone December 22nd, 2016

Our Eleven Most Popular Articles of 2016

Of the many articles we published on writing and publishing this year, the following eleven were our most popular in the magazine and on Facebook. They also had the most positive feedback in terms of emails and comments. It is interesting to see the range of ideas these articles cover within the realm of writing.

The articles are in no particular order. Click on a title to read the whole article, or skim the synopsis first to get a feeling for the article.

3 Free Writing Retreats

Writing retreats are a great way to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time. Most free writing retreats charge an application fee, not these three – they are entirely fee free.

How to Cope With Being Unsupported as a Writer

A great article by Chantelle Atkins on how to stay strong when your family and friends do not support your dream of being a writer.

52 Poetry Manuscript Publishers Who Do Not Charge Reading Fees

Unlike most of our list articles, we have never published full reviews of most of these publishers. However most traditional poetry publishers charge reading fees. This article is the most extensive list of fee free poetry manuscript publishers out there.

How to Write a Story That Gets Published

This article explores how to win the attention of readers and publishers.

Writing is My Job

Every writer, at some point in their career, has heard the words, “Writing isn’t a real job.”  How wrong they are.

How to Submit Your Manuscript For Publication

This article breaks down the practical elements of manuscript submission. A must read for anyone who is serious about submitting but hasn’t started yet.

The Top 25 Publishers For New Authors

This list contains publishers in a wide varieties of genres that are interested in accepting unsolicited submissions from authors without a track record.

The Six Month Novel Writing Plan

A new mother with full time job, successfully develops a plan to write and edit a novel in six months.

Thirty Literary Journals that Pay

Because it is always great to be paid for creative writing.

Five Reasons to Attend a Writer’s Conference

Writer’s conferences usually cost money to attend, which is why many writers avoid them. However, they often offer a lot more to aspiring authors than they charge to get in the door.

Why Writers Need to be Readers

A creative writing professor discusses the utmost importance of reading.



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