Written by Emily Harstone

Outpost19: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Outpost19 Books is a publisher of novels, memoirs, biographies, short fiction and essay collections, reportage and innovative hybrids. They are based in San Francisco and were established in 2011 as a digital only publisher. They have since expanded to print.

Their covers vary from excellent to amateurish. Many have received some press coverage, which is always a good sign. Their website is professional, easy to navigate, and geared towards readers, not writers.

You can get a feel for what they’ve published in the past by visiting their shop here. Please get a feel for what they publish before submitting.

They ask, when you submit, to “Please prepare us for the work we’re about to encounter. Describe it briefly, and tell us a bit about yourself, including any previous projects, short or long, in print or other media.”

In the past they have left submitters without a response for a very long time, which is frustrating. They are still actively accepting and publishing books, though.

Also, submit the first fifty pages of the manuscript. All submissions are accepted through Submittable.

To learn more go here.




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