Written by Emily Harstone August 29th, 2013

Parable Press: Open To Submissions

Parable Press is an emerging online literary journal that publishes flash fiction, short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, reviews, and essays. Their website is well organized and easy to browse. They often pair work with intriguing black and white photographs.

They are not interested in genre work, their only exception to this is that they will consider work set in the near future. They are focused on stories and poems with intrinsic literary merit.

Even though they are called Parable Press, they are not a Christian market. That does not mean they do not accept work that involves Christianity but they are open to literature about anything, including work that has violent or sexual elements. Just as long as these elements make sense within the story.

Parable Press accepts roughly one quarter of the work submitted to them. This means that if your work is spell checked, proof read, and edited, it has a fairly good shot of being accepted.

But make sure to read a few pieces on their site before submitting so you get a better idea of what the editors gravitate towards. From what I read they seem to be attracted to writing with a lyrical element.

They appear to pay 1 cent a word for fiction pieces, but do not pay for any other type of writing. All short stories should be under 5,000 words. They read no more than 5 poems by one person at a time.

Submitting to them is relatively easy. Make sure you have a cover letter in the body of your email along with a short bio and an attached author photo.

Be careful when submitting. Each editor has their own email address for the section of the journal that they cover. Make sure you send your work to the right email address. All editors expect creative work to be attached in a .doc file.

Once you have submitted to Parable Press it takes the editors proximately a month to respond.

Parable Press is a good place to submit because even though they are a relatively new journal they appear willing to pay their authors, even if they cannot afford to pay their poets yet. They also have a well designed website which makes any work they choose to publish easily accessible. To learn more please visit their website here: Parablepressmag.com/





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