Written by Emily Harstone October 15th, 2015

Peachtree Publishing Company Inc.: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Updated October 8th, 2020 – Closed to unsolicited submissions for the foreseeable future.

Peachtree Publishers is a well respected publisher with good distribution. They are based out of Atlanta Georgia and they specialize in publishing children’s books, young adult books, self help titles for parents and educators and guides to the American south. They also  publish books on gardening and cookbooks, but usually only with a southern focus.

They were just purchased by Trustbridge Global Media. They will be known as Peachtree Publishing Company Inc. going forward. This might create changes in what they are seeking moving forward, although they say that as of now they are not looking to broaden their list. Their distribution will remain the same. You can learn more about the sale here.

They are a general trade publisher which means that they publish books that are sold in book stores and found in libraries and schools. They do not publish professional or scholarly books or textbooks, even though their books are used in classroom settings. It is good to review their catalog to get a better idea about what they have previously published.

They accept unsolicited submissions and have clear submission guidelines, but do be warned that it takes up to a year for them to respond to most submissions.

They are currently accepting submissions in the following two categories.

  • Children’s fiction and nonfiction picture books, chapter books, middle readers, young adult books

  • Education, parenting, self-help, and health books of interest to the general trade

Peachtree only reads query letters if there is a manuscript or sample chapters attached. You must submit a full manuscript for a picture book. For all other books you can send a full manuscript or the table of contents plus three sample chapters.

All submissions must be made through the mail.

To learn more you can visit their website here.


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