Written by Ella Peary December 5th, 2019

Press Pause Press: Now Seeking Submissions

Updated Dec 6th 2019: We are no longer recommending submitting to them. Before our review was published they were open to fee free submissions. In a reaction to the review, within hours they switched over to charging for all submissions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Press Pause Press is a new online literary magazine committed to creating a, “quiet literary think tank.” By maintaining zero social media presence, they aim to offer an online space for authors to get away from all the digital noise—to press pause, listen, and create. They’re gathering readers and writers by word of mouth, and with an old-school poster campaign.

Press Pause Press published their first issue in November 2019. The artfully designed downloadable journal features work by a dozen contributors.

Right now, Press Pause Press is seeking submissions for their second edition, scheduled for publication in March 2020. They publish poetry, short stories, long stories, fiction, nonfiction, and other creative writing. They encourage authors of all forms and styles to “just submit.” They also publish op-eds and news stories, as well as “throwbacks”: creative objects of interest exhumed from the forgotten public domain. And, they publish art—all kinds of art.

Poets may submit up to ten poems. Authors of fiction and nonfiction may submit work of any length. They accept a wide range of prose, including short stories, flash fiction, novel and novella excerpts, political essays, humor pieces, memoirs, historical essays, academic essays, and more.

They accept submissions online, not via email or by post (except “throwback” submissions, which they accept through email). Press Pause Press doesn’t pay authors—yet—but they hope to in the future.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Press Pause Press, please visit their website here.

Bio: Ella Peary is the pen name for an author, editor, creative writing mentor, and submission consultant. Over the past five years, she’s written hundreds of articles for Authors Publish, and she’s also served as a copywriter and copy editor for a wide range of organizations and individuals. She is the author of The Quick Start Guide to Flash Fiction. You can contact her at ellapeary@gmail.com.


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