Written by Emily Harstone November 21st, 2013

Prompt: Inheritance

If you are writing a novel, you can give the main character a break and use him or her in this writing prompt. If you don’t have any characters at your immediate disposal, create one for this prompt.

In this prompt, the main character receives an inheritance, not from a parent but from a wealthy uncle or aunt, someone they barely know. This inheritance is not money, or jewels, or even valuable antiques. This inheritance is a strange device.

What this strange device is exactly is up to you. You can make it a robot, or a hovercraft, or a portable time machine, anything strange and electronic will work for the purpose of the prompt.

It is up to you if the device itself works or not. You get to decide if it is functional, and how functional it is. Perhaps it is a ten minute time machine, or the robot just ends up being able to sweep.

This is the sort of prompt that has a lot of flexibility built in. You can make it a funny story, or a tragic one, it is all up to you!

Happy writing!


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