Written by Emily Harstone April 13th, 2015

Publication Announcements from Our Readers

Today we are trying out a new feature. It might be something that that we publish every month in the future. However, this is the first trial run.

In this article we are going to feature two writers who found publishers for their manuscript through reviews in Authors Publish Magazine. In the future we hope to include more authors whose work has found a home through our magazine.

Patricia Stroh found a home for her memoir The ABCDEFG Disorder with All Things That Matter Press . You can read our review of All Things That Matter Press here. The ABCDEFG Disorder is about a loving family’s struggle with developmental disabilities and a dysfunctional education system. It is now available in paperback or e-book format on Amazon and it has received a number of positive reviews.

Jim Osborn’s novel A Message From ISIS is forthcoming from Endeavor Press in England. It is due for release in June. A Message From ISIS is the product of more than five years of research into the spread of terrorism in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, and the more recent growth of recruiting domestic terrorists here at home. Osborne said he superimposed these findings onto settings in American cities with the goal of bringing close to home the barbaric reality of ISIS.

While the novel is about the depraved rampages of the religious terrorists, Osborne says, “it is also a deeply compassionate account of the horrendous suffering that millions of innocent people are enduring simply by having the misfortune of being nearby when ISIS attacked their homelands.  You can read our review of Endeavor Press here.

Has your work been published by a literary journal or a manuscript publisher after reading a review published by Authors Publish? Please email us at support@authorspublish.com. Make sure to include a link to your book or to the literary journal your work has appeared in.


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