Written by Emily Harstone May 25th, 2023

Publishing Genius Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Updated: May 29th, 2023: They are temporarily closed to submissions because of the amount of submissions they received. They plan to re-open but do not have a date at this time.

This small literary press was founded in 2006 in Baltimore. It has since relocated to the Adirondack mountains.

Originally when they started out, according to a few Absolute Write Water Cooler posts, they did not pay their authors. You can see posts about this issue here, although it’s not clear if they did actually pay, and just chose the wrong words to convey that on their website. In any case, this is not an issue now, according to their website. For all book submissions they accept they say “We pay a small advance and traditional royalties on sales.”

They also pay writers $10 for shorter work that ends up being published on their website. Unfortunately they also charge $2 to submit this work through Submittable, which goes against our guiding principles. They do not charge for manuscript submissions which are done through a form on their website, rather than through Submittable. They do encourage potential authors to buy books in order to get a better feel for what they publish.

When you are submitting they ask that you briefly describe your book including the length, a bio, and any additional information you want to include.
They don’t appear to have any formal distribution beyond maybe Ingram, but they are active in terms of book fairs in the United States. Their covers are generally good and engaging.
They only publish a few books a year, and it is easy to get a feel for what they are drawn to by visiting their website here. Please do not submit unless you feel like your work is a good potential fit.
To learn more, and to read their full submission guidelines, please visit their website here.

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