Written by Emily Harstone June 10th, 2013

Punchnel’s: A Review

Punchnel’s describes itself as a “general-interest web magazine written for a smart, discerning audience of adults around the world.” They publish articles about all kinds of things, from music to the news, but they also publish poetry, fiction, and memoir. They have an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing website that receives a fair amount of traffic, more than the average literary journal.

Punchnel’s pays their authors ten dollars per article, short story, or poem. Which is great, because it is far more of a commitment than just saying yes to publishing your piece. They are putting their money where their mouth is.

They tend to buy pieces that are between 400 and 1,200 words, although the poems they buy tend to be shorter than that.

Punchnel’s is also always interested in articles about any number of things including infamous people, famous people, television, and cooking. The complete list of topics they are interested in and articles they are looking for can be found on the submission section of their website.

It is very easy to submit to Punchnel’s. They use the very common submission manager Submittable, and if you haven’t already created an account with Submittable it takes only minutes to do so.

They allow simultaneous submissions as long as you notify them if your work is accepted elsewhere.

If they publish your work, you have to agree to not publish it anywhere else for six months. After six onths the rights return to you, although they will keep it online as part of their archives.

They tend to respond within a month, and accept about 10 percent of the work they receive.

In conclusion Punchnel’s is a great website the publishes compelling, funny, and smart writing. If your work is chosen by them you can look forward to being paid for your work which will then be read by a large audience.

You can visit their website to submit.


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