Written by Emily Harstone July 20th, 2017

PYR: Now Accepting Book Manuscripts

UPDATED January 2018: They are now closed to unagented submissions.

PYR is a science fiction and fantasy publisher. They are now an imprint of Prometheus Publishing. They have published a number of well known genre books and have good distribution. In fact it is worldwide, and their Canadian distributor is Penguin.

In 2014 the founding editor Lou Anders left and during that time there was some unhappiness among the authors published by Prometheus in terms of late payment and disorganization, however those problems appear to have been resolved because there have not been complaints for some time. I am only reviewing PYR because all of the complaints I have seen are in the distant past, but I want potential submitters to be aware of this previous complication.

For a while after Lou Anders left, PYR closed to unsolicited submissions, but it has since re-opened to un-agented submissions.  There has been no formal announcement, but according to the website itself Lou Anders appears to be the editor again.

They do not publish short story collections, anthologies, novellas, or nonfiction. Novels should be between 100,000 to 130,000 words in length.  Science fiction manuscripts must be longer than  85,000 words,  fantasy manuscripts must be longer than 95,000 words in length.

If you are un-agented  you must submit through email. For adult fiction they only accept submissions in the subgenres of epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, military science fiction, space opera and contemporary/urban fantasy. No horror, non military science fiction, or slipstream can be submitted without an agent.

Currently they are not considering young adult manuscripts.

They only consider full manuscripts—no partials or outlines. They do not consider multiple submissions. You must wait for a response to your manuscript before sending another.

Send an email which includes your name, address, telephone number, as well as one to three paragraph synopsis of your work, along with the manuscript attached as a Word doc or RTF file, to RSears at prometheusbooks dot com.

Because of the volume of submissions a detailed reply in the case of a rejection is highly unlikely, but they will respond.

To learn more, please read their complete submission guidelines here.


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