Written by Emily Harstone October 28th, 2013

Radar: Open To Submissions

Radar  is a brand new electronic journal started by two established editors, Dara-Lyn Shrager and Rachel Marie Patterson. They previously ran the respected literary journal Four Way Review and have been readers on several manuscript contests.

Radar exclusively publishes poetry and it will be released quarterly. The first issue will be released in January 2014. The primary reading period will be between September 1st and May 30th. They will have a second reading period between June 1st and the end of August.

The second reading period will be focused on selecting the Coniston Prize, but in order to be considered for that prize you will have to pay a 15 dollar reading fee. The primary reading period is fee free.

When they select your work for publication they pair it with a piece of visual art that your poem interacts with in some way. This is a neat way to add a dimension to the reading experience.

Radar uses the submission manager Submittable. So it is very easy to submit your poems for consideration. They have a fairly fast response time, usually getting back to submissions within a week, although do not query them until 2-3 months have passed.

Because Radar is such a new magazine it is hard to get a feeling for what they are interested in publishing because there are no back issues. However the editors included a list of their current favorite journals on the website. Barrow Street Review, Devils Lake, and Lumina are just three of the journals on the list.

Radar is a great journal to submit to because they are just starting out, yet the editors have done this before, they know what they need to do to create a successful, exciting literary magazine. To learn more, or submit, click here: http://www.radarpoetry.com/


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