Written by Emily Harstone May 12th, 2022

Red Dog Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

UPDATED September 1st, 2023: This press has permanently gone under.

Red Dog Press is a print and digital publisher based in Cheshire UK. All the books they publish are available in both formats. They are a small press that specializes in publishing thrillers, crime stories, and mysteries.

You can get a good feel for what they’ve previously published here. Their covers are generally decent and genre appropriate, but do feel “low budget”.

They have a “club” for readers to promote the work they publish.

It’s important to note that they now offer author services through a separate website- as long as they keep this completely separate from their traditional publishing arm, and do not re-direct authors there that is OK, and part of how some small presses work now, but if they re-direct a traditional submission to their author services, please reach out to us right away at support@authorspublish.com and we will update the review, and no longer recommend them.

Most of what they publish is over 70,000 words in length, but they will consider work that is a minimum of 25,000 words if it is part of a series.

All submissions must be made via email. When you submit to them they seem to be asking for a more personal version of a query letter. This is  how they phrase it: “Please use the email to introduce yourself, give us a little bit of your own history, why you started writing, and what you want from a writing career.”

You also must attach a synopsis of no more than 1,500 words, as well as the first 25 pages of your book (to the end of the nearest chapter). They will not read any incomplete submissions. They try to respond to all submissions within 4 weeks, but please be patient.

You can learn more about what they are looking for here.

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