Written by Sheritha Singh March 17th, 2016

Red Sage: Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Red Sage Publishing started as a traditional print publisher in 1995. They have a long list of published books covering diverse genres ranging from contemporary to science fiction. However, they were one of the earliest publishers of erotica.

Their website is one of the best I have navigated in a long time. The landing page is clutter free and the submissions tab is clearly visible on the home page. The submissions page links to a writing guidelines page. Red Sage’s writing guidelines are clearly laid out and broken down into four sections. They state that they look mainly for plot driven stories and describe the types of main characters that appeals to their market.

A bonus for authors is their blog page dedicated to their new releases and authors. The blog is communal and ensures that authors have an unofficial community where they can meet with readers. Another positive note is that the blog page links from the submissions page and also has a visible and easily accessible tab on the home page. Prospective authors wishing to learn more about their authors will have to visit their blog and read through the blog entries to get more information.

A web search for any negative comments did not yield much results. In fact the authors who published with them were pretty happy with the editing, payment, etc.

Unfortunately they don’t pay advances but they do pay 40% royalties on the cover price of all sales from their web store and 45% for digital sales sold through third party vendors. They do not publish previously published books.

The broad categories of fiction they publish are contemporary, historical, alternate worlds, pure erotica and, anthologies and series. The category lengths range from 25,000 words to 100,000 words.

Read more about Red Sage here.

Bio Sheritha Singh writes erotic fiction under the pseudonym Lace Higgins. She was previously published by Breathless Press but now publishes her own work online here. Sheritha writes between studying, working as a lecturer at a community college, dreaming, eating and pretty much indulging in anything creative.  Sheritha loves hearing from fans. Please tweet @Shersinghzn.


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