Written by Emily Harstone

Review of Connotation Press

Connotation Press is one of those rare literary journals which is open to a wide variety of writing and creative pursuits. Not only do they accept poetry, fiction, and creative reviews they also accept movie reviews, video poetry, essays on art, and screenplays, among other things.

Connotation Press is willing to accept for consideration almost any genre or crossover genre. They are not only open to wide variety of creative options but they have a relatively high acceptance rate of around 30%.

Connotation Press is an online literary journal so you don’t get a physical copy, but that leaves them open to more options, like spoken word and video poetry. It also means that they can publish longer work without worrying about space.

They publish once a month so they are always looking for new material.  They only accept online submissions and they try to respond within six months. They ask that you wait to hear back from them before submitting again to the same genre.

They encourage simultaneous submissions, meaning that you can send the same work out to other journals at the same time. However they only accept previously unpublished work. It takes them around a month to access new work, and accept or reject it.

If they choose your work for publication they might also want to do an interview with you for the site, which is a nice.  They really seem to support the people they publish. They often publish the same writer more than once.

Connotation Press encourages you to submit with photo and a bio, and they have an easy to fill out form on the submission page.  As long as additional details about requirements for specific genres.  However it is good to know that they accept only .doc or .rtf for text submissions.

While Connotations Presses website is not the most aesthetically pleasing it is well organized and easy to use.

Connotation Press is a good place to be published because they seem to really support the writers they publish. Also, because of the wide range of material they cover, they are very assessable to a large group of artists and writers.

You can visit their website at: http://connotationpress.com/





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