Written by Emily Harstone April 24th, 2013

Review of Pyrokinection

Pyrokinection is a literary journal that publishes only poetry. If you are a beginning poet that is just starting to submit your work then Pyrokinection is a good place to start. They are an online literary journal that publishes new work regularly.

Pyrokinection has a high acceptance rate. They accept over 60% of what is submitted to them. This means that your work has a good chance of getting accepted, but that they won’t automatically accept it.

They often accept more then one poem at a time, which means that readers will get a chance to get a real feeling for what your writing is like.

Many of the poets they publish are established writers who have been published in many journals and even have books out. So there is a range of work and experience on the sight that is interesting.

The web site is very easy to navigate, but it is not particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Submitting your work to them is easy. Just cut and paste three of your unpublished poems into an email, then send it to yahoo address listed on the site. The subject line of your email should be “[author’s name] Poetry Submission for Pyrokinection”.

Also include a short third person biographical statement in the email. After they publish your work, all rights revert back to you.

Occasionally they publish print anthologies of work that has been featured on the site. So if your work is accepted for the web publication it might later be in the print anthology. They will always inform you if your work is chosen.

They do not accept simultaneous submissions, which is fine because they usually accept or reject poems within 3 to 15 days.

The editor is very interested in seeing good, free verse poems with plenty of imagery. They are not interested in genre, war, erotica, form or rhyming poetry.

The journal is published by Kind Of A Hurricane Press, which publishes other journals and anthologies, so if you like Pyrokinection you might want to look at some of the other publications they put out.

Pyrokinection is a good online journal to submit to at the start of your career as a published poet. You can visit their website here: http://www.pyrokinection.com/.


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