Written by Emily Harstone April 5th, 2013

Stone Highway: Now Open For Submissions

Stone Highway is a new literary journal that publishes short stories, creative non-fiction, and poetry. They release three issues a year, online and in print.

Stone Highway has only been around for two years, but they have already established a good reputation. This partially because they are part of a larger publishing company called Sundress Publishing. Journals associated with universities or presses tend to be more established.

The editors are very much interested in language over narrative, even when it comes to short fiction.  They like interesting language and unusual word choices. They are open to all themes and are not opposed to genre influenced writing.

They accept less than 5% of the work submitted to them. So if your work is accepted, you know that they have turned a lot of other writers down. Your work is then placed in an issue with well chosen art work, poems, flash fiction, and short essays.

None of the work they accept is over 750 words long, so keep that in mind. They also tend to choose shorter poems.

The same content is available online and in the print publication. You do not receive a contributors copy, because the issues are printed on demand by the company Lulu. However it only costs between 5 and 6 dollars to buy an issue and contributors are able to buy copies at a discounted rate.

Stone Highway’s print edition is well made and nice to look at, however you can see all the contents online for free, and you are able to share these contents with others. This is a good way to attract readers.

Also before you submit to Stone Highway Review you can read through past editions for free to get a better sense of what the editor might be looking for.

When you submit work to Stone Highway Review you do so through the popular submissions manager Submittable. Once you have a Submittable account it is easy to log in and submit, it remembers all your contact details from the time before.

You can submit up to 3 short prose pieces at a time or up to 7 poems (but no more then 10 pages at a time).  You should include a short 50 word bio with your submissions.

They do not accept written works that have already been published elsewhere. However after they publish your work, the rights to publish it again, return to you. Only submit once per reading period.

They do have an option to donate when you are submitting, but it is not an obligation. They do offer feedback to authors who donate while submitting, so if you really want to have professional input on your poem, that is not a bad option. Donating does not effect the chances of your work being published in any way.

Once you submit they get back to you within two weeks. It is nice to know so quickly if your work is going to be accepted or not.

Ultimately being published by Stone Highway Review is a great way to get your name out into the literary community. The web address is www.stonehighway.com.


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