Written by Emily Harstone May 9th, 2013

Switchback: Now Open for Submissions

Switchback is a journal published by the MFA (Master of Fine Arts) program at the University of San Fransisco that has just re-opened to submissions. They accept short works of fiction, non fiction as well as poetry.  They are an online journal that also has an e-book edition. Switchback is well respected, and has a low acceptance rate. They also pay for some of the work they receive.

Switchback has an aesthetically pleasing website and it easy for readers to access the poems or stories online. If you are interested in submitting to Switchback it is worth reading the latest issue to see what they tend to publish. After all you do not have to pay in order to read.

Because Switchback is published by a Master’s program, it is a more respected then many of online journals out there. After all it is part of a larger respected institution. Also since Switchback has been around a while it has established a reputation of publishing good emerging writers work. They publish less then 1% of the work submitted to them though, so it is not an easy to journal to be for.

For each issue they publish, Switchback offers an Editor’s Prize. The amount of the prize varies but during this reading period they will  award $200.00 to the submission best addressing the theme: Rising. Additional prizes in the amount of $75.00 and $50.00 will be awarded to the first two runners up. You do not need to write within this theme in order to submit, but your work will not be considered for the prize, unless it deals with this theme.

The editors are consistently trying to figure out ways they can support their authors. That is one of the reasons they offer the editors prize. They also sponsor readings, and do other things to engage their community of writers.

Switchback is only open to submissions twice a year for short periods, so it is important to submit during these periods. They will not consider work outside of these periods.

They consider three poems at a time, one short story, or one piece of non fiction. Fiction and non fiction should both be under 7500. Submission is easy, you just have to have a Submittable account, and it is easy to create one if you do not already have one. The majority of journals now use Submittable. Switchback is also open to simultaneous submissions, they just want to be notified if your work is accepted elsewhere.

In conclusion, Switchback is a great journal and it is an honor to be published by them. They have many readers who might enjoy your work. Switchback also really supports the writers they publish that you might even get paid. You can visit their website if you are ready to submit, or just considering it: http://www.swback.com/



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